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Jodie Anne Phillips Polich, P.C. Testimonials

“Thank you for looking out for me like you've always done. Thank you, Jodie, for your hard work on our case. My daughter, the boys and I are glad we chose you to help us. I'm glad you were there for me when no- one else would help me. Thank you, Jodie, again.” — Rick C.

“Jodie, thank you so much for being there for me, you truly are an angel. There is no way I could have gone through that hearing by myself. I can't thank you enough for helping me and my family.” — Rory L.

“Thank you very much!!!!! Great job on my settlement.” — Hannah D.

“Thank you for all the awesome work! I really admire you, and your attitude and perspective. I’m better for having met you!” — Patty O.

“You are always there to answer my questions and help me get medical treatment. You settled my claim over 10 years ago, but you always help me out whenever I have trouble getting the treatment I need. Thanks for always sticking with me. I know you put clients first. You need to take a vacation! You are MY lawyer and I call you first for any legal help I need.” — Rick S.

“I appreciate your taking the time to explain what benefits I get with an accepted claim. It is very confusing to me and I know my questions take time to answer and take you away from your other work. Thank you for taking time to help me understand my workers’ compensation claim.” — Darci R.

“Thank you Jodie. I'm doing my best not to whine or complain...my problems are so miniscule compared to all the crap that's going on in this world... it's overwhelming to watch the news and can't even imagine going through what so many are facing. Right now you are the only person I can be open with... I just want to protect my family. I hope you know that none of my whiney explosions are ever, ever directed at you... I guess I just trust you to put up with me...THANK YOU!! You are so very appreciated!! I'm just very thankful you're on my side and hope you know I have total faith in you. ❤” — Susan W.

“Got the judges ruling in the mail today. She found against us! Didn’t know if you got it yet or not! Thank you for trying so hard. You are a wonderful person and I appreciate everything you did for me but most of all, Thank you for believing in me!” — Sherrill V.

“Thank you for taking time to meet with me at your office. I really didn’t understand how workers comp worked until you explained it – very confusing. You made me feel welcome, and your office is so inviting and homey. Thank you for being willing to take me as a client after so many said no.” — Fanny T.